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Come next March, Springfield’s favorite son was going to be the 16Th President. Arriving at his doorstep and extremely excited, he announced himself to his wife with the…
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Letter discussing favorite person in history
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It was well past 11 P.M., when the news finally arrived. The telegraph operator read Abraham Lincoln the dispatch confirming that New York’s 35 electoral votes had gone to the Republicans. Come next March, Springfield’s favorite son was going to be the 16Th President. Arriving at his doorstep and extremely excited, he announced himself to his wife with the words ‘‘Mary, Mary! We are elected.” Investiture meant to confirm people’s majority wish regarding their leader was on 4Th March 1861. During this event, he contended that he was not going to interfere with slavery where it existed but the states’ secession from unions was unlawful. Consequently, he warned that he was going to retaliate to violence with the appropriate force meant to instill permanent solution. His resolution prompted him to lead the end of servitude US, which was on 16Th April 1862. This expanded and implemented the policies of what most Americans currently see as their core national values in terms of liberty and equality.
On April 12, 1861 at 4.30 a.m., there was commencement of civil war begun. This began after Gen. Pierre Beauregard opened fire in S. Carolina, specifically at the Charleston harbour on Fort Sumter. This bombardment persisted for approximately over 30 hours but ended with the giving in of the Fort by Robert Anderson. This led to the loosing of stars and stripes, whereas stars and bars triumphed. On April 15th, Lincoln called for over 70,000 people out of their wish join and serve in the military for ninety days with the intention of retaliating Southern challenge. Consequently, this led to the assertion of Emancipation by Lincoln in September 1862, which was after the Union Army at Battle of Antietam defeated the Confederates. He warned if by January 1, 1863 the bombardment had not came an ended, this would adversely affect Emancipation meant to be granted to Union whose intention encompassed halting servitude in all defiant states.
Lincoln deemed the only way to settle it was by using appropriate and equal force. In the following weeks, Virginia, Arkansas, Tennessee and North Carolina, states then having many people in the southern region joined the Confederacy after pulling out from the Union. Since Lincoln was the commander in chief, he was responsible for how the war was going to be conducted. The union was saved by Lincoln’s strong presidency. His presiding over the American Civil War, established the nation as one and indivisible
On January 1, 1863, he issued the Emancipation Proclamation. This was move meant to emancipate slaves that provided the most convincing illustration of Lincoln’s extraordinary state of legal and political genius. Because of this, he was able to free all slaves from the contested areas especially in the Southern regions. The slaves in non-Confederate and those under the control of the union were not included in this Proclamation. In 1864, the Republican Party endorsed the 13Th Amendment, which was already passed in by the Senate. However, this was due to Lincoln’s employment of patronage and all the powers he had in ensuring it went through. The House adopted it on 31st January 1865, then ratified at the end of that year thus making slavery illegal in the entire America.
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