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The author of the following paper "Changes among American Indians" analyzes the concept of adaptation, revitalization, resistance, and change and how they affect the Indian American in the course of time. Generally, adaptation is keenly associated with the development of society…
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Changes among American Indians
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Download file to see previous pages For various American Tribes and another indigenous group, the key point is coping with changing environmental conditions. The main objective of all various forms tribal American Indian leaders is “to encounter the contest head-on, probing for plans to manage rising seas, melting ice and unstable populations of plants, animals, and fish. Another key fact associated with their adaptation process is tackling changing social and economic culture. The job patter and living style is changing constantly in the USA. The people of America, especially American Indian are facing challenges associated with “With better health and longevity, lower birth rates, and the aging of baby boomers, the world is seeing a major change in demographic trends. The process of adaptation can be more elaborately discussed in light of Abbott (1999) article- Alcohol and the Anishinaabeg of Minnesota in the Early Twentieth Century. The article discusses the changing pattern of the drinking style of Indian American in the country from the Nineteenth century to date. In the seventeenth century, well before the discovery of alcohol pathology, Indian American was passionately attached to drinking. In the Nineteenth century, the pattern changed slightly as they get addicted to strong drinks rather than a regular and large volume of drinking (Abbott, 1999, pp. 25-26).In the earlier stage, the trade of Alcohol was carried out against food and other important staff which slowly started to change. Slowly the pattern started to change as the American Indian started to use this as a gift in the occasion and often resemble the same with the mother milk. In the areas such as Anishinaabe, drinking was a major incident among the people but soon they forced the pattern that they used to follow. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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