How and why did the Industrial Revolution change the class system of Great Britain - Research Paper Example

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Britain was one of the pioneers of industrial revolution and this changed the political, social and economic aspect of the country…
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How and why did the Industrial Revolution change the class system of Great Britain
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Download file to see previous pages The low class was at the lowest level of the pyramid and was made of majority of the British population who worked in the farms and industries owned by other citizens. The upper class was the top most system and was majorly made of the members of the royal family among other rich and influential members of the societies. The emergence of the industrial revolution in the country created a major shift in the class system in the country, resulting into an upset and the empowerment of the low class citizens. Industrial revolution created a major shift on the traditional class systems in the country and led to the empowerment and enlightenment of the low class.
Industrial revolution changed the British social fabric in a number of ways and this influenced the position of the low and high class citizens alike. During this period in the history of Great Britain, the citizens thinking and behavior was confined to their status in the society. This created a situation where emphasis was placed on the position of the family and the place of birth of an individual as opposed to their abilities and skills2.
However, the emergence of the industrial revolution during the Victorian period completely changed everything in the country. As opposed to emphasis and focus on the social hierarchy, this period witnessed a shift towards economic class and empowerment. The industrial revolution contributed to the shuttering of the traditional Georgian society and focuses on social class and defined the new Victorian era. The 18th century social changes that were witnessed in Great Britain came as a result of the new invention, legislations and impetus that added to the country’s economy3.
Before the industrial revolution, the royal reserve and bank system was under the control of the high class members of the society. Few citizens were allowed to access loans and therefore participate in the different industrial and agricultural ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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