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The culture that owned this portrait used it as they had no other better way of preserving this memory rather than in visual…
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Royal Portraiture
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Royal Portraiture The portrait of Queen Elizabeth was used to indicate the monarch’s work in that era that spread across the world and shows how she looked like. The culture that owned this portrait used it as they had no other better way of preserving this memory rather than in visual portrait.
This iconic portrait has a crucial symbolism indicating the culture that developed it and so does its age of production. Queen Elizabeth has her hand placed above the globe while she has the imperial crown to reflect on her equality compared to the Holy Roman Emperor whilst indicating the Empress of the world’s status as symbolism deduced from the portrait. The mermaid is most likely intended to indicate her dominion over the seas while the dress made from her preferential colors of white and black are an indication of her ranks. The dress is covered around with her precious gems and pearls from the sea to indicate her intellect and virginity. The culture that produced it must have been one that highly regarded its leaders and that they were concerned with their areas to which they had dominion to show power.
The Armada Portrait of Queen Elizabeth convey power and authority of queen Elizabeth as it was intended to commemorate the victory in 1588 of the Spanish Armada. The symbols of imperial majesty indicate the queen’s power while and common in both the Kangxi Emperor portrait and the Queen Elizabeth portrait is the throne and crowns. Both portraits mark great leaders indicating victories of their work and those that were hungry to expand their territories.
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Scott, Jennifer. The Royal Portrait: Image and Impact. London: Royal Collection Publications, 2010. Print. Read More
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Royal Portraiture Admission/Application Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 Words.
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