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In 1871 after the Chicago fire, structural and architect flocked there. They rebuilt the structures and streets of the city. A new form of architecture was developed that was necessary for the present age. Among those who worked in Chicago an…
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Analyzing new images
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Analyzing New Images First Assignment Option Art Nouveau The Art Nouveau is found in Chicago. In 1871 after the Chicago fire, structural and architect flocked there. They rebuilt the structures and streets of the city. A new form of architecture was developed that was necessary for the present age. Among those who worked in Chicago an American architect called Louis Sullivan. The skyscrapers found around the steel frames reflected the technological advancement. The exterior is decorated with ornaments that are inspired by Celtic arts and forms in nature. The design brought the nature elements in the urban landscape. The chief designer called George Elmsile created the same ornaments like the teller wicket.
Second Assignment
In my opinion, ephemeral art reflects the desires of dematerializing the art object so that the demand of the market can be evaded. It also democratizes and challenges the arts museums. In most ephemeral artworks, there are fundamental things that are involved. Therefore, some artist uses ephemerality due to the relationship between loss, mourning, and ephemerality. Ephemeral art normally involves work that fails to exist in steady state, but changes or decays slowly therefore, they should not last forever (Haskell, 64). Ephemeral art by definition and nature is short-lived and this poses as a disadvantage. Conversely, the art offers insights to situations like mourning processes. This tends to be more profound and powerful reflection on the condition of humans. Additionally, the work acts as ways of engaging with ambiguous loss and disenfranchised grief. This is applicable in areas where there are deemed to mortality or fear.
Haskell, Francis. The ephemeral museum: old master paintings and the rise of the art exhibition. New Haven [Conn.: Yale University Press, 2010. Print. Read More
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