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Diversity is defined as any characteristic that determines a person’s behaviour, attitudes, perspective and interpretations of what he or she considers normal. Diversity extends to characteristics such as race, ethnicity, age, national origin, race, gender, disability, sexual…
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Islamic and diversity
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Download file to see previous pages ployed several non-Muslims in functions such as diplomacy and public administration while subsequent dynasties such as Ottoman dynasty of 1281-1923 placed non-Muslims like Yakub Mahallesi as Prime Minister. Islamic history is characterised by numerous queens who ruled Islamic dynasties such as Queen Radhia of Egypt thus confirming that Islam appreciates diversity (Mapel & Nardin, 1999). Although some conservative Muslims may argue that men are the protectors and women should not be leaders as outlined in Quran (4 : 34), contemporary Muslim scholars have challenged this notion since the verse concentrates on Islamic family law and not general political leadership (Manger, 1999). In addition, the conservative Muslims may argue that Islam does not appreciate the leadership of non-Muslims, but Quran (5 : 15 ) makes it clear that Jews and Muslims are protectors and friends of each other and thus Islam requires them to foster relationships with unfriendly people in order to ensure peaceful coexistence (Ali, 2005).
Prophet’s tradition and Holy Quran in the Quran 5 evidence Islamic appreciation of diversity: 18 that asserts that ‘if God had so willed, he would have made you a single people, so strive as in a race in all virtues’ (Nagel, 2002). The Quran therefore recognises individual heterogeneity and ‘a race in all virtues’ signifies God’s intention of using diversity to make human beings work better. Prophet’s traditions (Sunnah) such as Medina Charter promotes multiculturalism and diversity as outlined by the ethnic diversity of Medina population of 22 tribes and Jews and the need of equal rights and status in the society. The Quran also supports unity and brotherhood as evidenced by Quran (49: 13) that clearly points out that all human beings descended from same parents. Furthermore, Islamic appreciates the differences of language and race as evidenced in the signs of God as outlined in Quran (30: 22) that points out that God’s signs are creation of ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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