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The paper 'Prehistoric Amphibians' focuses on the evolution of Amphibians which is a complex one. It is this evolution that led to their breathing through their skin. As seen in the work of Strauss, the amphibians had the need to live in water so as to hatch their eggs that are actually numerous…
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Prehistoric Amphibians
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It is in the latter years that the Eryops developed stronger legs and jaws. These amphibians have a great correlation with the present-day ones. The amphibians were to later look like reptiles that were more of snakes. The development saw a three-foot-long reptile with a developed skull. Their skin later became thicker and scalier (Robinson, 2009).
Development of the breathable skin 
In the process of adaptation, the amphibians slowly developed a waterproof skin referred to as amnion that would help them breathe (Robinson, 2009). Though this skin, they would also get protection from sunstroke, as well as allow their offspring achieve to the full development prior to hatching.
Robinson (2009) also argues that the amphibians required a step forward in procreation that would allow them to come up with species that would allow high chances of survival. This adaptation minimized the chances of extinction as the skin allowed for the transportation of oxygen that allowed for respiration. With the skin of the first amphibians being too scaly as opposed to moist, it is apparent that there was a requisite for the consequent amphibians to protect themselves from dehydration (Strauss, 2014). Through the skin, the amphibians could also live underwater, and the thin skins can also protect their young ones.
Conclusively, it is, therefore, arguable that the breathable amphibian skin developed as a result of the need to keep out water from their bodies but still allow air to pave in (Strauss, 2014). Despite the amphibians’ skin looking frail, its role has come in handy for these creatures. Read More
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