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Athenian Speech on Adherence to the 30 Year Peace Treaty - Essay Example

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In the essay “Athenian Speech on Adherence to the 30 Year Peace Treaty,” the author analyzes the Dalian League in the period between 478 and 431 BCE. The Greeks were very proud after defeating the Persian Empire in the 478 BCE war. This victory gave Greece a lot of self-confidence…
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Athenian Speech on Adherence to the 30 Year Peace Treaty
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Extract of sample "Athenian Speech on Adherence to the 30 Year Peace Treaty"

Athenian Speech on Adherence to the 30 Year Peace Treaty
The growth of the Athenian empire and power is directly related to the Dalian League in the period between 478 and 431 BCE. The Greeks were very proud after defeating the Persian Empire in the 478 BCE war. This victory gave Greece a lot of self confidence; and this led the Athenians into political and cultural glory for the following half century (Martin 7). The Athenians immediately after the war embarked on rebuilding their city with special considerations on the fortifications. Themistocles, the Athenian leader ensured that the defense fortifications were effectively built; for future military defense purposes. In the Athenian empire had adequate fleets; these fleets acted as the main source of power.
In the years 433 BCE Athenians assisted Corcyra by defending it against military attacks by Corinth. Athens did not break rules of the 30 Year Peace Treaty because; Corcyra was considered a neutral state and therefore Athens was legally and politically allowed to work with Corcyra on military defense issues (Rhodes 13). Also Corcyra was an ally of Athens, and the treaty explained that no state is allowed to interfere with allies of other states. Therefore, Corinth was not permitted by the treaty to attack Corcyra which was an ally of Athens.
In the year 433 BCE Athens affected a siege on Potidaea. This action did not break the 30 Year Peace Treaty because; Athens considered it a military defense action. The treaty empowered each leader to employ military force in conflict resolution in the alliance. Potidaea was a member of the Dalian League; the League was controlled by the Athenian leader. Athens also wanted to control Potidaea both politically and militarily. This is because the territory served as the main source of raw materials for their ship industry. Athens had many fleets used for military purposes; therefore wood for construction and maintenance were sourced from Potidaea. This source had to be protected and controlled (Martin 21).
In the year 432 BCE Athens introduced a decree against Megara. These economic sanctions were levied just shortly before Peloponnesian war. The economic actions did not break the 30 Year Peace Treaty because as leader of the Dalian League, the Athenian leader had the powers to use force in resolving conflicts. Megara created conflict through trespassing on Demeter’s land. An Athenian herald was also killed in Megara when he was sent to resolve the trespass conflict (Rhodes 5). This decree negatively affected the economy of Megara because Megara citizens were banned from market places and harbors found in the larger Athenian Empire.
The 30 Year Peace Treaty aimed at ensuring harmony among the political territories. This was through ensuring the rights of neutral states to joining any league so as to further their interest. The interests of states were mostly political, defense and economic in nature. The treaty also ensured that disputes were settled through arbitration. The leader of each league was responsible for solving disputes among different states; especially territorial disputes or military aggression disputes. The treaty also ensured that allies do no switch leagues. This ensured that member states effectively further their interests within their leagues.
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