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Conflicts and challenges in Philadelphia - Coursework Example

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The introductory part responds to the Edmund’s Bacon vision of the city Philadelphia and his general aims. The main body section concentrates on the challenges and conflicts that this…
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Conflicts and challenges in Philadelphia
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Extract of sample "Conflicts and challenges in Philadelphia"

Conflicts and challenges in Philadelphia. Edmund Bacon The research paper consists of an introductory part, main body paragraphs and a conclusion. The introductory part responds to the Edmund’s Bacon vision of the city Philadelphia and his general aims. The main body section concentrates on the challenges and conflicts that this great architect faces with. The question of actual changes in the city, the rebuilding of the centre and preservation of Colonial period buildings mention in this part. In addition, the hurdles of different kinds occurred in his way designate. The conclusion provides a summary of the given information and straightforward outcome from the topic. This supports by proper data and scientific evidences that is relevant nowadays. The method which uses is particularized examination of a literature together with the critical summarizing and personal inferences on the topic.
Key words:
“Of course I actually know no more about Philadelphia in 2009 than does anyone else” – write Bacon in his famous essay (Knowles, 2009), still he makes a try to elaborate a new urban form and planning trajectories for his lovely city. Edmund Bacon has occupied post of the director of the Philadelphia City Planning Commission for more than twenty years and tries to use all his knowledge and resources to restore the city plan and contribute a new vision of modern urban area. Bacon argues under the Philadelphia rising from “post-Depression, post-war inertia – from the old industrial city” (Knowles, 2009). This man has intentions to reconstruct his place of birth and make this city pleasant and renovated.
Edmund Bacon has his own special and sometimes contradictory preferences in city construction. His main idea regards in transformation the city into “a model of humane urbanism” (The Encyclopedia of Greater Philadelphia, 2014). After the World War II, Philadelphia has appeared as a place of outworn infrastructure and household deficiency. Deindustrialization course has remained notable and achieved popularity in that period (Knowles, 2009). Bacon suggests the ideas for growth of urbanization and city development as a perspective area.
He elaborates a new mega-structure idea due to the perspectives of Philadelphia city peculiarities, but federal government’s Bicentennial planning commission refuses this project due to the high cost of implementation (The Encyclopedia of Greater Philadelphia, 2014). Hence, the most prominent reason for incomplete realization of Bacon’s plans is a lack of financial resources.
Still, the changes accomplish in some perspective, and the city plan transforms gradually. Sometimes the state vision does not match with the Bacon’s one, still his opinion and proceedings are always considered (Knowles, 2009). We may regard it as one more obstacle that interfere Bacon’s plan.
Racial confrontation together with the acts of violence remains to be one more serious cause for prevention of the architect’s conception of the city Philadelphia (Knowles, 2009). Social conflicts induce uneasiness of population that is considered to be one more reason for people moving to the suburbs of the city.
All in all, post-war Philadelphia experience hard period and requires some new breath to restore and modernize. Edmund Bacon makes a prominent contribution into this restoration and endeavors a lot in the field of city reconstruction. He overcomes different kinds of conflicts, such as economic decline, racial contradictions, and government debate. Still, he manages to fulfill pointed a task and achieve some percentage of his aim.
Reference List:
Knowles, S. G. (2009). Imagining Philadelphia: Edmund Bacon and the Future of the City. USA: University of Pennsylvania Press.
Imagining the Future: Presentations. Encyclopedia of Greater Philadelphia. Copyright 2014. Retrieved From: Read More
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