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This paper examines the actions taken by Australia after the break up of the British federation with a view to prove that Australia has indeed acted as an American satellite. Australian dependence has elicited mixed reactions in the analyses of the association between Australia and the United States…
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From Britain Colony to American Satellite
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Download file to see previous pages Over the years, there have been numerous studies that have tried to examine the issue of Australia’s dependency on the prevailing power of capitalist America. Although most of the studies have dwelt on the nation’s economics and political economy, there are other studies that have sought to examine the culture, media and beliefs. Ideally, the concept of dependence in Australia’s foreign relations though most obvious in the political and military association with the United States, has also had a central economic and cultural angle. Although there are still those who disagree with this opinion, there is no denying that America’s values, organizations and policies reign not only in Australia’s external behavior but its economic and political sphere. While some analysts were reluctant to view America as imperialist or Australia as a satellite, most of the liberal minds agreed that these two terms defined the bilateral relationship of these two nations after the Vietnam War. This has been examined especially in the light of how Australia’s sovereignty and national identity have been infiltrated. From the mid 1980’s, Australia has bettered its relations with other Asian nations and has found it even harder to break the constitutional ties with Britain. This development has lessened the scholarly claims to this fact but the popular imagination still lingers. In essence, from the Australian mass media, the country is viewed as a ‘satellite community’ of the cosmopolitan United States. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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