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The Lived Experience of Ordinary People - Assignment Example

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Focusing on the forms of communication in America in the past years it is evident that there has been a great dynamism in this field of communication. In 1960s through 1980s indicated time of growth and maturity for…
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The Lived Experience of Ordinary People
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Extract of sample "The Lived Experience of Ordinary People"

Lived experience of ordinary people American history has changed in the of people’s lives. Focusing on the forms of communication in America in the past years it is evident that there has been a great dynamism in this field of communication. In 1960s through 1980s indicated time of growth and maturity for the television, with coming up of recent technologies like satellites in programming delivery. Before 1967 the television were not colored but come in the year 1967 quite a number of network programming were colored. By 1972 half the U.S population owed colored television. There was mass expansion in communication field since more new technologies were coming up and this accelerated the growth speed (Bernstein, 2010).
In present times America is facing various challenges, but the big challenge facing the federal government is maintenance of security and safety among the American citizens. President Barrack Obama demand for the American troops number in Iraq to be brought down. This as he estimates will increase the chances of Americas in fighting these terrorists around the world and the Al Qaeda as well (Berkowitz & Dewitt, 2013). Diplomacy and development issue key issues to improve as they are two major factors of their national security plan, and to make sure that their procedures of intelligence collection and analysis are assisting them in facing their enemies.
In the past years security and safety were still challenge to the America federal government since they amended security bills with the motive of keeping the level of security of the country high (Piszkiewicz, 2003). This means that maintenance of security and safety of the people is quit s task that the American government has not yet achieved fully. For instance in 1960 July 1st The social security administration’s Woodlawn headquarters were dictated. The solution to these was to just recruit more troops for the sake of the country’s security.
Bernstein, W. (2010). The Birth of Plenty: How the Prosperity of the Modern Work was Created: How the Prosperity of the Modern Work was Created. New York: McGraw Hill Professional,.
Berkowitz, E, D., Dewitt, L. (2013). The Other Welfare: supplemental security income and U.S. Social Policy. New York: Cornell University Press.
Piszkiewicz, D. (2003). Terrorisms War With America. Westport: Praeger Publishers. Read More
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