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Frank Warren’s speech provides an insight into the world of hidden feelings that humans are in general unwilling to share with their fellow beings under ordinary conditions. Although such thoughts and feelings are kept secret for as long as one lives; any opportunity that…
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Secrets Introduction Frank Warren’s speech provides an insight into the world of hidden feelings that humans are in general unwilling to share with their fellow beings under ordinary conditions. Although such thoughts and feelings are kept secret for as long as one lives; any opportunity that ensures that the identity of the person who shares such secrets will be kept confidential renders individuals more open to sharing them. The secrets may give insight into the sociocultural conditions of the society in which people live. Additionally, there are various aspects of life about which people avoid talking; yet they are willing to talk in a confidential manner.
The first thing that I have learnt is that secrets can take a number of forms and they can have different meanings for different people under diverse conditions. Some secrets may serve the purpose of arousing laughter, whereas others may prove to be a source of sadness. No matter what the meanings, it should be kept in mind that secrets are a reflection of the inner conditions of humans and their privacy should be respected at all costs. Also important to note is the fact that secrets can have far reaching consequences on the lives of people and it is for this reason that secrets should be kept and not shared with others; except in a way that ensures privacy of others.
I also learnt that memories are an essential part of human lives. The idea of sharing with people the pictures of their lost cameras equates to providing them access to the memories of their past. Although it apparently looks strange that people are willing to get back their old photos, yet it becomes easily understandable if one realizes the willingness of humans to sustain connections with their pasts. We live in our present and intend to sustain a connection with the past while willing to reveal quickly which is hidden in our future.
There are various things in life that are more precious in reality than they are ordinarily considered. An example is the voice of people who leave a message when the intended person is not available to talk to. Warren’s assertion that having a recording of someone voice is like keeping that person’s spirit alive is quite interesting. A person’s voice is a reflection of his/her personality and by keeping a recording of a person’s voice, it is possible to revive the memories when the person is no more with us. This has a striking resemblance to the notion of bringing a person back to life.
From the above discussion, it can be concluded that the various intangibles of our lives like secrets, memories, feelings and thoughts have a world of their own and it seems suitable to state that apart from the tangible physical world, a major role to beautify our lives is played by intangibles. Various objects in our lives may provide gratification in one way or another; the humans are yet more sensitive to experiences that involve emotional aspects and sharing secrets is one of them. Read More
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