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A Narrative History of the USA from the 1950s-1980s - Assignment Example

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The author examines the factors that perpetuated the Cold War in each decade, the Vietnam War which was originated from the attempt by Viet Minh to gain independence from their colonial master, civil rights movement in the US, and impacts of television on the history of the United States since 1950.    …
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A Narrative History of the USA from the 1950s-1980s
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Extract of sample "A Narrative History of the USA from the 1950s-1980s"

Download file to see previous pages The cold war was an extremely complex war that could have been prevented if swift and effective measures had been implemented in time. There were various ideas, conflicts as well as emotions that were going on during this period. The war began in 1945 immediately after the termination of the Second World War with scholars attributing numerous factors to the starting of the war (Davidson, DeLay and Heyrman 145). Most of the sources claim that the root cause of this war was the element of greediness of the two major powers namely the USA and the Soviet Union, greediness that made them start viewing one each other as an enemy. As a result, the world was divided into two major blocks; communist and capitalist countries. In brief, the cold war was all about these two conflicting ideologies. The war started as the two economic giants started using all means possible to lure other countries to follow their economic system, an aspect that had started as a mild problem only to become a serious problem later that ultimately split the world into two blocks that were following different ideologies.
Korean war (1950-1953) is one of the key factors that fueled the cold war in the 1950s whereby USA was leading the UN forces to support South Korea with China, which was a communist power supporting North Korea. In the 1960s, the most remarkable element that perpetuated the war was the Cuban Missile Crisis that took place in 1962. In the 1970s, the main factor that was prolonging the war was the Vietnam War that had started in the late 1960s whereby the American forces were bombing the Northern region that was led by Viet Minh and later started bombing Cambodia (Davidson, DeLay and Heyrman 168). Other factors included the issue of Nuclear Arms Race that was very popular in the 1970s and in the 1980s.    ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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No Topic Needed. It'S Only Essay Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 Words.
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