The Transatlantic Slave Trade and Its Effects on Africa - Research Paper Example

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Slavery is among the oldest institutions that spread rapidly throughout the world. It existed in the Western Hemisphere, Europe, Middle East, Asia and vast parts of Africa for a long time. It took its roots before the emergence of any religion in the world. …
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The Transatlantic Slave Trade and Its Effects on Africa
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Download file to see previous pages According to Muriithi, the blacks were not only massively enslaved, but also sold into bondage across the continents . In wanting to know more about slavery and its impacts one, can try to find out what Transatlantic Slave Trade entails (TST). Traditional answers associate transatlantic trade with enslavement and transportation of Africans to the New World through Atlantic Ocean. According to Green, The transatlantic slave trade was a human atrocity that involved transportation of millions of men and women from sub-Saharan Africa. Green further claims that TST began in 15th century when the European kingdoms portrayed some ability to expand overseas and reach Africa. According to him, the Portuguese was among the first Europeans to expand their demand for slaves into Africa. In tandem to this, Rodney asserts that the Portuguese began by kidnapping people from the West Coast of Africa and transporting them to Europe . According to him, by 16th century, almost 10% of Lisbon was filled up be Africans. In their book, Olaniyan and Sweet also expounds on what must have led to increase in the rate of slave capturing. According to them, the demand for slaves rose exponentially when the Europeans discovered the American continent; both the Europeans and the Americans were insufficient . ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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