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The following essay 'The Story of Indentured Servants in America' focuses on indentured servitude and slavery in English colonies which originated because the system wanted to bring out poor immigrants from England, at the planter’s expense, and make them work for a term of years…
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The Story of Indentured Servants in America
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The system changed over time because the masters consistently replaced the servants. The servants became disobedient and often unreliable. It resulted in the servants running away and escaped. 
The system involved servants who were poor immigrants from England. It was like a system of contract labor. It involved all races, both the black and white. The system was a traditional means of securing jobs. Additionally, it was a form of apprenticeship and punishment.  It involved children and the terms of service lasted until the maturity of the children. Question 2
The makers of British imperial policies knew the colonists of British America enjoyed many benefits from the policies. The policies wanted to help raise money that would help clear the staggering debt from the previous war. They enforced tax laws and sent their troops to America. By the beginning of the 1800’s the relationship between Britons and Americans became worse.  It was the leading cause of the American Revolution. The revolution had effects on the government of that time. It forced the way for constitutionalism in the American government system. Read More
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