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How did the United Staes policy in Iraq,Afghanistan and the Middle East, particularly during the Bush administration affect the U.S interest in Latin America after 2002 - Essay Example

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The US for a very long time has been operational in these regions mainly for economic interests. American entrepreneurs own most of the oil companies. Before Bush Junior became America’s president, he was a…
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How did the United Staes policy in Iraq,Afghanistan and the Middle East, particularly during the Bush administration affect the U.S interest in Latin America after 2002
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"How did the United Staes policy in Iraq,Afghanistan and the Middle East, particularly during the Bush administration affect the U.S interest in Latin America after 2002"

Download file to see previous pages When George Bush took over power, he was among the people ready to fight against these criminal activities in Latin America. However, the US invasion in the Middle East led to its disengagement from Latin America. This is because a good number of Political bodies were against this move to Iraq. Their argument was that the already weak economy would further deteriorate since the US would intentionally increase gasoline prices.
The US in its proclamation states that its key interests in other countries are in line with promoting democracy and peace. This includes eliminating oppressive governments in most of the Middle East countries while at times supporting the same oppressive regimes depending on how they agree with their economic interests. This support has led to controversies bringing the topic back at home. The Latin America’s budgets are in a vacuum just because the US wants to use such oppression to impose is policy reforms over Latin America (Youngers). By evading discussion like terrorism, it has become very easy for the US Southern Command to encourage most of the military operations in the internal affairs of most Latin American countries.
The US has economic interests in the Middle East. It uses diplomatic missions, relief assistance to cover up its main agenda. This on the contrary displaces most Latin American nations who are the leading oil sources in the American region to compete effectively. While the US promises to support them in fighting issues like terror, it goes ahead to enter deals with terror related ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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How Did the United Staes Policy in Iraq,Afghanistan and the Middle Essay.
“How Did the United Staes Policy in Iraq,Afghanistan and the Middle Essay”, n.d.
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