European History: did the Great War cause European Revolution - Essay Example

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This essay describes The Great War ended in a century of great peace in Europe. The war also greatly transformed the European states’ liberal order. The First World War led to dissolution of various empires such as Ottoman, German, Australia, and Russian empires…
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European History: did the Great War cause European Revolution
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Download file to see previous pages During the course of the Great War, Russia was among the European states that were politically antiquated governments. An autocratic government system agreed nearly limitless power towards the tsar, who expected reverence as well as obedience from his hundred and sixty three million subjects. The majority of the population, which was under his leadership comprised of approximately eighty non-Russian ethnic groups, which occupied more than 8 million square miles (53). The majority of these ethnic groups, mainly depended on agriculture to earn for their living, although the state had introduced programs that sponsored industrialization during the nineteenth century, which were stimulating urbanization as well as social diversification.In the year 1913, the Second Tsar Nicholas celebrated the Romanov rule’s tercentenary in Russia. Tsar Nicholas together with his dynasty ruled a very huge empire, which stretched from the Pacific Ocean to central Europe as well as from Afghanistan borders to the Arctic. This mighty imperial covered almost a sixth of the total European land surface with a population of approximately hundred and fifty million from various nationalities. However, the empire of Russia was riving due to various tensions (693). By the end of 1921, after the end of the Great War, most Europeans states especially Russia were greatly reunited. The events that took place during the Great War between the years 1914 through 1921 played a vital role toward the European revolution. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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