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Racial and Ethnic Groups - Assignment Example

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This essay considers the pervasive racism, degradation, and discrimination that Africans and other ethnic minorities faced in the apartheid system. Laws under the apartheid system required that all persons be categorized as black, white, Indian, or colored without exception…
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Racial and Ethnic Groups
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Extract of sample "Racial and Ethnic Groups"

Download file to see previous pages Under the Jim Crow laws, blacks and whites were not allowed to intermarry; it was considered a criminal offense.
Canada has a large proportion of indigenous people as compared to other countries worldwide. The need to preserve cultural traditions shapes the strategies established to promote economic development. The number of immigrants in the country increases early. These immigrants maintain the same cultural pattern adopted in attaining economic development.
It has been suggested that Brazil is a racial paradise. That is not the case, as the country continues to deal with significant disparity among people of color. Mexico maintains a mosaic of native indigenous people and mestizos to create a diversified society (Schaefer, 2001). Segments of the population that feel ignored and disadvantaged are encouraged to participate in public and civic activities.
The apartheid era in South Africa indicates how race can be used to suppress millions of people. The post-apartheid era is denoted by the continuous reconciliation of the different ethnic and racial groups. Reconciliation is fundamental for these groups, which are facing issues involving education, land, health and public safety.
Slave trade in both Brazil and the United States began in the 17th and 18th centuries. Slavery was central to the colonial economy. Slave trade was brought about by the need for laborers to assist in building economic foundations. In Brazil, slaves were required to work in the mining and sugar cane sectors. In the United States, slaves worked in the cotton fields (Schaefer, 2001).
Captives from Africa were transported through the Atlantic Ocean to the United States and Brazil. The main point of departure of the slave trade in these two countries is the slave death rate. In Brazil, the slave death rate was higher than that in the United States. Colonialists in Brazil could not sustain the slave population without importing more captives from Africa. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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