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Crouching tiger, hidden dragon by Ang Lee - Movie Review Example

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Still, importance given to martial arts does not hinder the directors from making use of their personal freedom. To be specific, some Chinese directors choose martial arts as the main theme…
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Crouching tiger, hidden dragon by Ang Lee
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"Crouching tiger, hidden dragon by Ang Lee"

Download file to see previous pages The protagonist (Li Mu Bai) is a swordsman and the female protagonist (Yu Shu Lien) is female warrior. Both of them travels to Beijing to gift the sword to another person, named as Sir Te. Eventually, they meet female antagonist (Jade Fox), the mastermind behind the protagonist’s mater’s murder. The female antagonist and another female character, named as Jen, steal the sword. But, the protagonist recovers his sword and kills the female antagonist, but he succumbs to death. In the end, the Jen commits suicide because she realizes the differences between imagination and actuality.
In the film, the female characters never face marginalization because they are portrayed as the embodiment of courage, dedication, and self-confidence. Kin-Yan Szeto states that, “Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon embodies a cosmopolitical perspective of the feminine that is inspired by both Taoism and feminism” (63). To be specific, the female protagonist decides to help her friend because courage is inherent in her character. On the other side, Jen helps her governess/trainer in critical situations and follows her own lover. This proves her dedication to martial arts and love. On the other side, the female antagonist murders the protagonist’s master and tries to grab the sword. She was attacked by the protagonist and his female friend, but she does not give up. This proves that she is confident in her abilities as a martial arts trainer. In short, the director makes use of the female characters to uphold and unmask the element of vigor in them.
The main characters in the film (say, the protagonist, female protagonist and the female antagonist) consider that revenge is utmost important in human life. Alex Caldon makes clear that, “The title describes one facet of the Taoist way of life-the Taoist master will crouch like a tiger, in order to maintain the strength of a dragon” (101). One can see that the protagonist ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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