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This movement took place between the years 1890’s to the early 1920’s. It operated more in the local levels and later on advanced to…
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Download file to see previous pages This movement aimed at destroying the political power of the saloons’ based local bosses. It promoted suffrage of women to a more pure female voting in the arena. The activists involved in this movement came together to reform the local government.
During that period, corruption during made politics a very dark activity and the nation responded by having a progressive movement. The cities were overcrowded with very many laborers who were very poor as a result of very poor working conditions. There were growing issues or challenges such as very fast economic changes and social changes which resulted from the revolution in industries in the entire America. This movement established itself outside the government and later on forced the whole entire government to take control and deal with the vital challenges facing America. This movement started in the year 1896 and this was before America entered into the World War 1 which commenced in the year 1917.
The people in the middle class social ladder and supporters such the lawyers, business persons, teachers, ministers and physicians were the main people where the movement drew its support from. The people namely the progressives who were the activists supported scientific methods of operating the economy. These scientific methods involved applied economics, schooling, theology, education, finance, industry and the families also. The progressives felt that this way of operation was the best and more efficient and saved on time unlike the traditional way of operation which was a waste of time and a ground for inefficiency.
The commitment of the progressives focused on changing the manner in which the state operated, changing the society’s lifestyle and finally improving the economy. Investigative journalists also referred to as Muckrakers type of journalists were among the people who helped in making the movement a success were. Muckrakers were those journalist who ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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