The life of Harry Truman in the context of civil Right Era - Essay Example

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Therefore, no matter the race, ethnicity, skin colour, social class or political position, the human integrity, dignity, equality and respect should come first. It is of crucial significance to note that in…
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The life of Harry Truman in the context of civil Right Era
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The life of Harry Truman in the context of civil Right Era al Affiliation The life of Harry Truman in the context of civil Right Era The value of a human life is incomparable as well as indefinite. Therefore, no matter the race, ethnicity, skin colour, social class or political position, the human integrity, dignity, equality and respect should come first. It is of crucial significance to note that in leadership, the integrity of a leader is determined by several of his or her decisions with regards to a number of key political, social as well as economic issues. This must extend towards fulfilling the notion of equal and universal service delivery to all the subjects. This defines the virtue of humanness as well as understanding of humanity. This was the true picture as well as impression depicted by Harry Trumann in the context of Civil Right Era (Gardner, 2002).
It is of crucial significance to note that Harry Truman led America in gaining victory over World War II. However, tied to this are several of my major impressions relevant to his life in the Civil Right Era. Harry Truman was a leader of dignity, in-depth understanding, humanness as well as vast of wisdom. This was so conspicuous in the way he made his decisions on the context of civil rights. He championed of equality rights for all Americans, including the Whites and the Blacks. This was quite impressive since it enabled for equal consideration of people regardless of race, ethnicity as well as socio-political classes (Truman Legacy Symposium and Geselbracht, 2007). In defiance to the issue of racial discrimination, Truman employed racial integration within the USA military. This was a clear indication that Truman was considerate and wise in decision-making. He considered the pains both the Whites and Blacks underwent in the wars, thereby championing for the spirit of inclusion and equality amongst all the American citizens (Gardner, 2002).
As a leader of humane character, Truman espoused in his campaigns that he believed in the spirit of brotherhood and unity amongst all people in the face of law. He stressed the fact that any form of racial, political, social or economic discrimination could likely cause a state of political unrest as well as insecurity (Truman Legacy Symposium and Geselbracht, 2007). Such could easily disrupt peace and safety to all the citizens. This is quite impressive of Truman since he showed that as a leader, he valued peace, safety and equality amongst all the citizens.
Gardner, M. R. (2002). Harry Truman and civil rights: Moral courage and political risks. Carbondale: Southern Illinois University Press.
Truman Legacy Symposium, & Geselbracht, R. H. (2007). The civil rights legacy of Harry S. Truman. Kirksville, Mo: Truman State University Press. Read More
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