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What begun as a speech in Harvard University, ended up inspiring changes in American policy and opening doors for the creation of the Marshall plan and by extension the Organisation for European Economic Co-operation (OEEC). The speech also led to the establishment of similar…
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Homework for Marshall
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Marshall Plan What begun as a speech in Harvard ended up inspiring changes in American policy and opening doors for the creation of the Marshall plan and by extension the Organisation for European Economic Co-operation (OEEC). The speech also led to the establishment of similar organizations in Europe. Europe having experienced an economic stagnation as an aftermath of World War II, farming was on the decline, industries were shutting down, basic needs were hard coming, and currencies suffered losses in strength. The war had caused loss of lives, property, and the destruction of transport systems and factories.
The Marshall plan was aimed at appealing to America to generously lend a hand to Europe after the war (Marshall par. 7). The plan aimed at helping all humanity and not just a few as before, as Marshall would put it, the American policy was not against any nation or creed but against hunger, poverty, and chaos. The plan was meant to promote security to all humanity and not just what interested America. It was to see that Europe was rebuilt and the hate and resentment that came up during world war was not revived. The plan also showed what values the Americans had. As opposed to fear and anger that could have risen after the war, the people choose to be generous. The plan exhibited flexibility as it was not aimed towards a particular race, but to all mankind affected by the war (Marshall par. 9).
Before the war, American policy was selective in that whatever happened to other countries was their own business. As long as there was no direct threat to America, there would be no involvement. After the war, America realized that lack of peace elsewhere would at one time reach within its territory.This plan helped America realize that there was need to use power and prestige to protect and help its friends at time of need. This plan helped America transform from individualists to internationalists.
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Marshall, C. The "Marshall Plan" speech at Harvard University, 5 June 1947. 2007. Web. Read More
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