Provide an in-depth analysis of the Gong Lum v. Rice - Case Study Example

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Rice’ case entailed a mandamus that was filed by the plaintiff, Gong Lum in the state circuit of Mississippi. Lum, a mercantile businessman, filed a case against the defendant Rice. Lum was not involved in the consular services. She was young during the filing of…
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Provide an in-depth analysis of the Gong Lum v. Rice case
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Download file to see previous pages Bayor asserts that Lum was denied a chance at Rosedale Consolidated High School because of her Chinese descent (45). This was in favor of the White students, who were allowed in this high school. The defendants in the case were responsible for her racial exclusion from the learning institution. The defendant included the Mississippi state superintendent, the board of trustees of the school, and Rice. The petitioners of the case indicate that there was no school that catered for the students of Chinese descent. The constitution of Mississippi stipulates that a common school fund should be available in every county to cater for the student needs. The fund ought to constitute of the taxation obtained from the public contributions and the apportionments from the treasury department. This fund is meant to support schools for four months.
The plea of the case is based on the breach of this requirement of the constitution. This is because Rosedale Consolidated High School was an appropriate school for Martha Lum. More to that, her father was a taxpayer who also helped to support the running of the school as stipulated in the legislative document. This implied that denying her the right to attend and learn in Rosedale high school was tantamount to racial discrimination, which was not allowed by Mississippi’s constitution. In essence, the fact that Martha was educable is substantial for her to be allowed to progress in her education and career. According to Dickson, it is Martha’s constitutional right to access education given that she was not a member of the colored race (67).
The colored race, especially Mongolians, was verboten in the Mississippi County. The court ruled that a writ of mandamus be invoked according to the petition filed to stop the hindering of Martha attending the school. The appeal of the defendants against the ruling of the supreme court of Mississippi culminated in a stern directive by the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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