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Nazism in Europe/ and Describe Allied campaigns on the European - Assignment Example

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Europe as a continent was devastated economically and this made Europeans of many nationalities to question their political systems. The rising of fascist and totalitarian states in Europe and…
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Nazism in Europe/ and Describe Allied campaigns on the European
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Extract of sample "Nazism in Europe/ and Describe Allied campaigns on the European"

Nazism in Europe In the 1930’s Hitler who was a dictator played a major role in the First World War. Europe as a continent was devastated economically and this made Europeans of many nationalities to question their political systems. The rising of fascist and totalitarian states in Europe and Russia was a critical step on the war. The fascists were able to rise in power in Italy with the help of their leader Benito Mussolini. The leader had promised to create an efficient military state that promoted nationalist pride. He became prime minister in 1922. He banned criticism of the government and used violence against those who opposed in the parliament. The National Socialist Party was formed by Hitler and it gained support because the German people had surrendered in the First World War and he took it as betrayal since Mussolini was in charge. The violent opposition led to the communism led to the embracing of militaristic nationalism. Hitler became to power because he was able to end the depression of Germany ( Hart and Hart 56).
The United States adopted an official policy of neutrality. Between the year1935 and 1939, the United States Congress passed five different Neutrality Acts that kept the United States from being involved in foreign conflicts. President Roosevelt tried to water down these laws that did not make a distinction between the aggressor and the victim. President Roosevelt and the United States people stood looking as Europe moved closer to war. In 1936, a civil war in Spain erupted, pitting the Republican Spanish government against the fascist forces of Generalissimo Franco. Franco received support from Germany and Italy, while England, France, and the United States were on the other side citing their desire to keep the Spanish conflict from becoming a second world war 2. Franco emerged victorious in 1939 ( Hart and Hart 48).
President Roosevelts sympathized clearly lay with the British and French, but he was affected by the Neutrality Acts and a strong isolationist bloc in American politics. Because of the outbreak hostilities in September 1939, FDR re-asserted American neutrality, saying that he could not be able to make all the Americans think neutrally .This strategy had three main effects. First, it offered Britain both psychological encouragement and materiel aid, though often more of the former than the latter. Second, it bought the United States time to show up its military preparedness, which was inadequate for a world war. Finally, it made the United States an active, if undeclared, participant in the war ( Hart and Hart 76).
The Battle for Berlin marked the end of World War Two in Europe. The Battle for Berlin, along with the Battle of Britain, the Battle of the Atlantic and D-Day, was of vital importance in the European nations. It was fought between April and May 1945, and Russia won victory and that brought Hitlers invasion to an end. By the time the red army reached berlin there were fears that the Russians in berlin that both young and old people were to be put in the front line. Hitler planned to direct the defiance of the city himself putting his faith in the German 12th army that had withdrawn from the western front. Over two million shells were fired into Berlin and the surrounding area in three weeks and one million Russian troops took part in the assault on the city. Berlin surrendered to the Russians and the war in Europe all but ended. Germany also came to surrender on May 7th ( Hart and Hart 49). 
The pacific theatre was a war in pacific and was fought in the year 1941-1946. It was on the sea that Japan depended on. The first attack was to destroy the nucleus of the U.S at Pearl Harbor. The Americans fought back and the U.S submarines took a heavy toll of Japans warships and devastated the merchant marine. They captured the Marianas. The end of the war came when the U.S attacked and destroyed Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Japan surrendered on September in the year 1945. The invasion of the U.S was crucial since it helped end the war but on the other hand caused damage to japan where the effects are felt up to date.
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Hart, Russell and Stephen Hart. World War II: Northwest Europe 1944-1945. New York: The Rosen Publishing Group, 2010. Read More
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