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American Revoloutinary Way in New Jersey and how New Jersey's Geographic Location play a huge role in the war - Research Paper Example

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The American Revolution which was a sequence of actions by American colonists from 1783 to 1775 was aimed at protecting British domination and to culmination in the revolutionary war. It is called a revolution since it was organized before the war commenced fro it was in peoples…
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American Revoloutinary Way in New Jersey and how New Jerseys Geographic Location play a huge role in the war
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Extract of sample "American Revoloutinary Way in New Jersey and how New Jersey's Geographic Location play a huge role in the war"

Download file to see previous pages New Jersey also called the crossroads of the American Revolution for it is located at the central position of the new nation and acted as the military capital. However, it was not all of the people of the New Jersey who vividly advocated foe independence. The British was joined by African slaves who were promised freedom, for example, colonel Tye who was a slave after escaping and joining the British army which lead to regular raids against the people of New Jersey. During this time of American Revolution, the New Jersey community was made up of extremely diverse cultural groups of who were not equally distributed over the colony’s land surface. These social groups were difficult for the British to unite them, since every social group occupied different and distinct area. Additionally, the culture defined the way of life which affected the people activities and also the landscapes made by man that can be identified by means of their traits and characteristics complexes this made completely governing the colony very difficult for the British since every group had a different form of dwelling preferred by various groups in New Jersey this made New Jersey difficult to unite it war since it would cripple the British in the Americans economy hence an able to support the fight (Fischer, pp 45 262).
New Jersey also was an important area which was used to disrupt British supply units. George Washington used forts on the Delaware River where he could mount an attack British supply troop as they sailed to Philadelphia. It was organized that men in whale boats crossed the Hudson and then raided New York city and long island and then captured the shipping that were to be taken to sandy hook where they used New Yolk harbor as the staging area. Additionally, ships that were located at Southern Jersey port raided British ships at the entrance point. Jersey also provided iron products for ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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(American Revoloutinary Way in New Jersey and How New Jersey'S Research Paper)
American Revoloutinary Way in New Jersey and How New Jersey'S Research Paper.
“American Revoloutinary Way in New Jersey and How New Jersey'S Research Paper”, n.d.
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