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The daguerreotype image is often formed on a exceedingly polished silver facade that is commonly referred to as Sheffield plate. Daguerreotype was an…
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Photography Louis Daguerre introduced the first openly announced procedure and It was the first procedure to come into extensive use. The daguerreotype image is often formed on a exceedingly polished silver facade that is commonly referred to as Sheffield plate. Daguerreotype was an addition to the invention made by M. NIEPCE; it was more superior, especially when it came to “sensitivity of light and the obtaining of higher clarity images” (Daguerre 11). He finished by stating that the Daguerreotype is an instrument which serves not to draw nature, but rather it is a physical and chemical process that gives power to nature to reproduce itself. Daguerre believed that photography was an art that needed to embrace as it showed life and nature as it really was.
In his early years, Morse like Louis was interested in understanding the workings of the nature and whether a naturalistic image could be captured on paper. He was able to successfully produce negative images, but did not understand that negative films could be used in the making positive photographic prints. Morse improved the Daguerreotype by attaching a mirror in the camera lens, and this rectified the error. Morse like Louis believed that photography “was a teaching tool that could visually educate the public” (Morse 221).
Charles Baudelaire on the other hand, disagreed with Louis view that photography was an art he was in fact appalled by the definition if fine art as an accurate representation of some external reality. He considered men fools to believe photographs as “mirrors of physical facts” (Baudelaire, 83). He believed that photography was meant for record keeping and should not defined as art because it just represented what existed in nature. Read More
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