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Evolution of the Historians Craft since 1945 - Term Paper Example

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The author describes the evolution of the Historian’s craft which refers to the methods and procedures that historians use to record information that they have collected through research, analyzing it and drawing of inferences and conclusion from it. …
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Evolution of the Historians Craft since 1945
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Extract of sample "Evolution of the Historians Craft since 1945"

Download file to see previous pages Information Technology has promoted the use of digital age computers in recording information collected rather than the actual writing in scrolls and tablets, a method used by historians in past eras before 1945. The historians have been gradually trained on how to use IT tools in recording information. The historian’s practices were totally changed with the invention of IT tools where some of them became programmers whereas others became nothing in the failure of adopting the IT tools in recording their information (Daddow, 2010).
In Britain, there was the introduction of digital histories and historians whereby information from primary sources such as artifacts is documented in computers. Historians have been trained on how to document information in computers and people started to access it from computers but not directly reading from the primary sources. In the 21st century, the introduction of websites has made many people access information through the internet and not only from primary sources in the libraries and archives and this marked a major breakthrough of documentation in Europe. In Europe, there has been an open digital society for scholars and other readers and open-access digital primary sources due to advancement in technology after the Second World War. It is evident that historian’s crafts have developed in Europe since 1945 since the use of computers in the documentation of information and printing of books has been adopted during that period (Daddow, 2010).
Some primary sources and old books in the digital formats exist even today. They are stored in libraries and archives. There are projects which have been developed so far where important collections of freely accessible e-books out-of-copyright by use of the Internet Archive with Book server, the Gutenberg project and the Open Library in the USA and the Gallica2 project in France, Europe.  ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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