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The fact that terrorism is dynamic necessitates consistent and continuous re-evaluation of strategies aimed at monitoring and preventing its occurrence. Strategies used by intelligence agencies in the past prove insufficient for pre-empting attacks organized by present terrorist…
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The fact that terrorism is dynamic necessitates consistent and continuous re-evaluation of strategies aimed at monitoring and preventing its occurrence. Strategies used by intelligence agencies in the past prove insufficient for pre-empting attacks organized by present terrorist groups. Unlike past groups, the new factions adhere to radical ideologies making them more dangerous. Religion emerges as the key factor responsible for their radicalization, whereby members justify mass killings and the use of unconventional weapons with religious doctrines. In essence, terrorists believe the sanctification of their inhumane by a supernatural deity. For example, the terrorist group Al-Qaeda based in the Middle East uses Islam to support their jihad or Holy War, which targets non-Muslims.
These terrorist factions use brainwashing tactics to recruit members. Religious extremists are easier to recruit because they already possess fanatic ideas pertaining to religion. Presently, sub-groups emerge in different areas of the world with affiliations to a bigger group. The Al-Shabaab based in Somalia is affiliated to the terror group Al-Qaeda. The function of the herald group is to supply money and ammunitions to the smaller groups, which are crucial for engaging in terrorist activities. This emerging trend makes combating terrorism a harder task for intelligence agencies. Plenty of monetary and human resources are deployed to monitor the different groups.
In conclusion, intelligence agencies across the globe face difficulties in trying to mitigate terrorism molded from stringent religious ideologies. This is because it is impossible to reason with religious extremists who believe their actions are sanctified by a deity. Read More
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