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Going by the factors that affect political participation, individuals in the 15Tth congressional district are likely to vote at higher rates. Going by race, from the figures given, the biggest race by numbers is the White, and historically the whites are known to turn out and vote more than the minority groups in America. …
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Political Participation
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Political Participation in Illinois Going by the factors that affect political participation,individuals in the 15Tth congressional district are likely to vote at higher rates. Going by race, from the figures given, the biggest race by numbers is the White, and historically the whites are known to turn out and vote more than the minority groups in America. The level of education is also higher here which means more people are bound to go out and exercise their rights since they are more informed, incomes are also higher, families are more stable as indicated by a higher percentage of married couples. Age is also a key factor and voting patterns have always indicated that older people especially those above 45 years are more likely to go out and vote than the younger ones. Religion is another major factor and since majority of the voters here are religiously active, it’s bound to increase their propensity to vote.
District 1 is more likely to vote for a Democrat, whereas district 15 is likely to vote for a Republican. If the other districts follow suit, then it means that the gubernatorial elections are more likely to be won by the Republicans. This is because Illinois majority of the citizens in this state are whites ,who are more educated, have got more stable families and many of them are in employment, which means they can get time off and go out and vote to exercise their right. These two districts can just indicate how the voting pattern could be replicated in this state.
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Political Participation Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 Words.
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