The Effects of the Great Depression on Children - Essay Example

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It is clear that these children from rural areas encounter many challenges as compared to those in urban areas. The biggest challenge they…
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The Effects of the Great Depression on Children
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Business proposal Executive summary
Research done recently in Ghana shows that, most economically disadvantaged children come from the rural but stable areas of Africa. It is clear that these children from rural areas encounter many challenges as compared to those in urban areas. The biggest challenge they experience is the accessibility to social amenities. Many reported cases of death are due to delay in reaching for the health services. The cases reported are preventable, especially with the accessibility of social amenities. This research is the skeleton of a plan that must be implemented so that solutions to deaths caused by lack of health services can be reached. It is an idea of creating a clinic, which will give the needed services to the children who are economically challenged families.
Staffs to provide the service
For this clinic to be successful and efficient, some employees must be involved. They must be qualified to be dedicated to their work. They must be equipped to develop a health center with services that focus on the prevention of some diseases (Dunlop, 1995). Two doctors must be hired, and four nurses who will help to provide the necessary services. The support staffs hired should be from the local for the benefit of the community.
Following is a table that shows the employees’ salaries, cost of the building and equipment purchase and maintenance and the disposal medical supplies.
Two doctors
Four nurses
The support staffs
Construction of the building
Purchase and maintenance of equipment and disposal medical supplies
Total cost
Equipment is the most essential, therefore, spending a lot to purchase and maintain will enable the doctors and nurses perform their work effectively. The staff should be there to give the needed support to the doctors and nurses (Dunlop, 1995). The clinic will handle approximately 150 children in a day. The possible challenges might be the shortage of employees and equipment to be used. Lack of support from the government to the clinic will be a challenge too. Children who may not get the required service may get a referral to other hospitals. Those who cannot afford the stated cost may acquire medical cover early enough for future use.
Dunlop, D. W. (1995). An international assessment of health care financing: Lessons for developing countries. Washington, DC: World Bank. Read More
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