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The nation has about 40,000 people and another 25,000 from qalipu first nation and some of the 11,000 people speak Mi’kmaq language. The…
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Introduction to mikmaq
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Download file to see previous pages The Mi’kmaq was semi nomadic. The animals that were mostly hunted by Mi’kmaq were moose, rabbit, porcupine, and deer among animals. They preferred hunting moose since it was used as clothing. The skin was dried and was worn as clothing garment, the community used the meat as their daily food, and bones were used to make tools like forks and other household tools. The weapons that were used for hunting by Mi’kmaq was bow and arrow, hunting was the major activity of the community and was taught to young men up to their adulthood. Porcupines that were hunted by the men were important to the women since the quills were used as decorative beadwork and this was done by women. Mi’kmaq used to fish while others would go to the forest to hunt to make a supplement of their food. The community ate all kinds of fish such as lobster, shellfish, and salmon among others. When there was plenty to store they used to store in the ground for later consumption.
In 1600s, Europe was ruled by ruthless noblemen who believed in terror attacks to their fellow citizens, the societies believed on establishment of class of people and the classes were allocated status since they were regarded as the king of the communities, the minority district or tribe had to give respect to the high class of people. The establishment of class system led to introduction of poor people, rich people debtor’s prisons and even insane group of people. The civilians were oppressed by a group of high class people and insecurity was the order of the day since people killed one another without fear. The community was based on Christianity doctrine but the people had no respect to their creator but greed and other evil things were the one given respect. Mi’kmaq leaders were known as great people since they had the ability to speak to the society and be able to convince them and influence ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Introduction to mi'Kmaq Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2750 Words.
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