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She addressed the National American Woman Suffrage Association in 1890 at their national convention in Washington D.C and that was the time he…
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Carrie Chapman Catt
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Introduction Carrie Chapman Catt was born in 1859 and died in 1947.She worked as a teacher to pay for her college fees in the Lowa college State. She addressed the National American Woman Suffrage Association in 1890 at their national convention in Washington D.C and that was the time he began her career as a teacher and later the National women’s activist. She was thereafter appointed as the president of the Association in 1900 (Keller 2006).
She led the campaign and was on the fore front to win suffrage through an amendment to the United States Constitution. This was done when she returned o America and ensured that the then president, Wilson supported the Suffrage amendment. After the ratification of the Nineteenth Amendment in 1920, she organized the League of Women Voters for the political education of women (Levin 2006).
Carrie assisted in the arrangement of the International Women Suffrage Alliance at the Berlin Conference. She then committed and restricted herself to the peace movements in 1923.This she made work through lecturing, writing and also recruiting in the Suffrage movement. Her moves were mainly to free women and be allowed to vote and b heard as the. In a nutshell it was all about eradicating male chauvinism (Keller 2006).
She was a hardworking lady who never lost hope an even after some members led by Alice Paul had left the union, she strategized and developed a future plan to keep the group alive. After her great achievement of the successful amendment of the constitution, she began a worldwide campaign and tour to help the women develop the right to vote (Levin 2006).
In my opinion, the efforts of Carrie Catt bore fruits that many women enjoy today and have been backed up by many women organizations that are coming up today.
Keller, T. Carrie Chapman Catt: A Voice for Women, Boston, Capstone Publishers, 2006
Levin, N. Carrie Chapman Catt: A Life of Leadership, London, Nate Levin Publishers, 2006 Read More
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