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Explain the causes and results of the punic wars - Research Paper Example

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He manages to cover the Punic wars, its causes and its results for Rome and for Carthage in the most exceptional and intellectual manner.
Reginald’s Bosworth’s…
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Explain the causes and results of the punic wars
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Extract of sample "Explain the causes and results of the punic wars"

Download file to see previous pages The Punic Wars are recorded to be one of the greatest clashes recorded in History. In those times, it took place between the two most powerful empires: The Rome and The Carthage. The Punic wars are said to have extended for almost a century, most likely 264-146BC.1 These wars till date are the most profound evidence of struggle for power and one of the most ancient example of security dilemma. With Romans at the peak of expanding their Empire at this time, and the Carthage with their strongest naval force were bound to come across someday cause growth of one of them was a direct threat for another one. The Punic wars were extremely deadly and there was a reason as to why they were kept such an account of. These wars seem to have started the trend of mighty rivalries and wars that go on for years and years. An event that surely put a stamp on the pages of history, the following paper presents an analysis on the Punic wars and the causes of what brought on this event in History and its repercussions.
As far as the Punic wars are concerned, nobody expected them to happen, these wars weren’t anticipated. Surprising as it sounds, the scale on which these wars took place are less likely to take place out of the blue. The Romans and Carthaginians were bounded in peace treaties for almost two centuries2. No problems were witnessed by the commoners; hence it was even the more unsettling as to what caused these wars. (First Punic War, 264-241 BC 2013) That lasted until they realized the security dilemma: to strike first or to wait for sudden strike.
However, what happened was witnessed by everyone and its suddenness soon disappeared with the enmity that took over. The Punic wars comprised of three conflict periods, the first and second one being the longer ones lasting for seventeen and twenty-three years. 3 The Punic Wars were instigated with the dispute on the island of Sicily ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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