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The Great Depression - Research Paper Example

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Title: The Great Depression Name: Course: Tutor: Dec 10, 2013 The Great Depression Introduction The great depression (1929-1939) was the longest, most widespread, deepest and most severe period of economic slump in the history of United States, and indeed, the entire industrialized world…
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The Great Depression
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The Great Depression

Download file to see previous pages... It began in the U.S but quickly spread to the entire world. It hit hard on major cities, especially those dependent on heavy industry. It took a toll on prices, tax revenue, personal income and profits. International trade shrunk by over 50% to 75%. Unemployment in the U.S increased to over 25%, while GDP fell by over 36%. Consumption declined and so did the industrial output. Additionally, it had political ramifications. It led to the election of President Roosevelt in U.S and the rise of Hitler’s Nazi regime in Germany. Historians argue that it was one of the major causes of the World War II. Not even Roosevelt’s New Deal could pull the U.S economy out of the depression. Countries began to recover in the mid 1930s. Ironically, the beginning of World War II marked the end of the Great depression. Causes Recessions in a business cycle are normal, and a product of balances between demand and supply. What turned normal events into a recession has been a subject of widespread debate. A combination of domestic and international factors was culpable for the great depression: structural weaknesses and individual events. a) Boom to Bust The period following World War I is widely regarded as an era of prosperity for the American people. U.S.A had just emerged as a leading superpower. Business started thriving and the quality of life improved dramatically. There were post war reconstructions and low interest rates which ignited the boom. President Coolidge in his state of the nation address in 1929 noted that the nation had never witnessed better prospects than it did then. Automobiles were growing cheaper and more popular. Stock prices were on an upward trend. In fact, the Dow Jones Industrial Average quadrupled between 1924 and 1927. The market experienced the biggest bullish run ever. Many people thought that this was a permanent phenomenon. Many investors were lured into the stock market, some investing on margin using loans. According to Suddah (2008), out of every 5 dollars loaned by banks, 2 were spent to buy stock. In essence, there was a huge supply of money, which primarily led to speculative stock prices. Besides stock markets, there was a boom in the real estate sector. There was a surge in the real estate sector particularly because of the low market interest rates. Why did the boom to bust contribute to the depression? Boom and bust is a normal feature of a capitalist economy. It was bound to end. It had been a period excessively easy monetary policy. There was a general absence of proper regulation in the monetary sector. It led to excessive speculation, where investors speculated that the share price would keep the upward trend. As a result of increased demand, the share prices became artificially higher: and did not reflect their real value. The speculative euphoria and the boom psychology created underlying weaknesses and imbalances within the economy. Consequently, the nation was not able to deal with the downward spiral in the economy. b) Stock Market Crash of 1929 The stock market crash is widely regarded as the major cause of the depression. The artificial prices of stocks were finally destroyed. What happened was that when the bull market came to an end, share prices began to fall as from September 3 1929. Speculators began sensing loses to their savings and even homes. On the Black Thursday, there were many people trying to offload their shares. That increased the supply while very few investors were willing to buy. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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The Great Depression of the 1930's
The economy stabilized only after the beginning of the World War II i.e. during the year 1941 – 1945. This was mainly attributed to the rise in demand for military goods as well as agricultural commodities. It has been documented through various researches that nearly thousands of businesses failed during the depression and millions of families lost jobs resulting in nationwide unemployment and a substantial reduction in their household incomes.
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Progressive Era Through the Great Depression
Progressive era through the great depression The enormous depression refers to a period of severe global economic depression in the decade that preceded the World War II. The great depression in many countries started in about the earlier parts of the year 1929 until about the late periods of the year 1930 or earlier 1940s.
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The Great Depression and Government Response
The great depression (1929-1939) was the most severe form of depression that was ever experienced by the industrialized countries of the world. The depression that had been triggered by the crashing of the Wall Street in October 1929, immediately affected the output of industries such as construction, mining, shipping, agriculture, automobiles as well as other consumer durables (Anderson and James, 1980).
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Analyze life in America during the Great Depression as depicted in the works of John Steinbeck
The book was published in 1939 and it is considered his best work. In fact, it won him the Pulitzer film prize in 1940 and earned him international fame. In 1962, Steinbeck won the Nobel Prize in Literature. In his book ‘The Grapes of Wrath’, Steinbeck tells the story of tenant farmers in Oklahoma who were unable to earn a living therefore moving to California as migratory workers.
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The Great Depression
The New Era which came before the Great Depression was an epoch of low unemployment when prosperity reigned far and wide and masked the various discrepancies, especially in income.
7 Pages(1750 words)Research Paper
The Great Depression
It began in 1929 preceding World War-II and lasted until the earlier 1940s. Many countries were in great depression during 10 years and it affected the economy, politics and living standards. The time period of the 1929s-1940s great depression varied across the countries but they remain in great depression for a decade and it was the greatest depression in the history of world.
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Progressive Era through the Great Depression
Key amongst this is the Women’s Right Movement (Lionel, Baron & Murray, 2005). The core rationale behind these movements was to ensure equitability in political, social and economic status between men and women. This fight by women had progressed throughout two centuries (Pierre, 2000).
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Progressive Era through the Great Depression
America experienced different problems that forced its citizens to think of innovative ways to make a living. America also had a vast array of minerals which helped in boosting its national economy. Various Turning Points in American History Since the end of America’s Civil War in 1865, the nation has seen many turning points in regard to different social and political factors.
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The measure of trend of these periodic fluctuations is measured in terms of the levels of employment and production. When the measure indicates a down trend, then it is referred to as recession. This downward trend causes a decline in the spending of households.
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The great depression
The causes which led to such a catastrophic depression include a decline in consumer spending, financial instability and panics such as the stock market crash and banking failures, the gold standard
5 Pages(1250 words)Research Paper
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