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:Alexander - Assignment Example

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Many of the things that he did to unite his people are of brave acts. Questions may arise needing to know whether if Alexander existed today in society, would there be the same effect to the…
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Alexander the Great Alexander the Great had effects on his people that transformed the events in history. Many ofthe things that he did to unite his people are of brave acts. Questions may arise needing to know whether if Alexander existed today in society, would there be the same effect to the society. Alexander’s actions relied on the physical alignment at the time, that is, classifying the world into east and west depending on the physical location of one area (Plutarch, Dryden & Clough 67). In fact, during his time, the world involved the existence of the current system, whereby the Eastern and Western cultures differed quite significantly. Despite this, Alexander found a way to unite the people and lead them for a long time. This is an evident show of triumph of the Western over the Eastern power.
Alexander upheld the Western culture. Alexander’s culture played a key role in his people’s liberation and his leadership as a whole. He had respect for his culture, with few instances of betrayal. The quality of their culture acted as a unifying factor and a sense of self identity. Respect for his culture earned Alexander favor with the people. During the time, the feeling of someone having a self belonging to a certain group, was important for the success of the whole society. Respect and acceptance of people’s cultures would assist in coexistence between a person of different beliefs (Plutarch, Dryden & Clough 167 - 180).
During Alexander’s time there was a transition in the Greek polis and the entire citizen values. The changes were in a significant change toward the promotion of the western cultures as compared to the East. The day to day activities of the people showed that Alexander favored the Western culture and ensured that his people followed that too (Plutarch, Dryden & Clough 679-78)
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Plutarch, Dryden John, Clough Arthur Hugh. The life of Alexander the Great. New York: Modern Library, 2004. Print. Read More
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