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Exhibition review interview - Assignment Example

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Just like the “Un-forgiven”, the film“High Noon” has a number of elements of the traditional western such as villains, the moral lawman and the climatic gun fights. In the story of “High Noon” one can easily see an allegorical; a man is betrayed by the same people…
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Exhibition review interview
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ENG 239 Paper Checklist, Style Sheet, and MLA Info Just like the “Un-forgiven”, the film“High Noon” has a number of elements of the traditional western such as villains, the moral lawman and the climatic gun fights. In the story of “High Noon” one can easily see an allegorical; a man is betrayed by the same people that he calls friends or comrades and later discovers that the most significant principle is self preservation. As vital as it was to humanize the protagonist in “High noon”, so the villain remained faceless; an unseen menace riding in on the railroad tracks. While his presence looms over the proceedings, it is not until the last 15 minutes that Miller appears, disembarking from the train and ready for war. “High Noon” is also about betrayal and loyalty. For Kane’s part, it is loyalty even when everyone leaves him; he maintains his grounds, although it seems predictable that his action might lead to his death (High Noon). On the town’s part, it is betrayal. Most people in town agreed that they owe their success to Kane, but not help him because they believe that he is hopeless.
In the film, the villain is Frank Miller and his gang who strive to revenge on Will and anyone person who is against him. In this film, the villain is the one who revenges. Miller’s gangs are Jack Colby, Ben (younger brother) and Jim Pierce who wait for Miller at the station. Will and Army have to fight Millers gang at all cost and secure the townspeople (High Noon). Towards the end of the story, Miller (villain) and his gang face Will and Amy. Amy and Will manage to kill Miler and his gang while the townspeople stare in amazement.
“Un-forgiven” film is an entertaining western that pays homage to traditional western while expressing skepticism. The film was set in the 1880’s and the standard setting is BIG whiskey, somewhere between San Francisco and St. Louis. The film also demonstrates the existence of villains, who are a couple of cowboys. The cowboys slashes Delilah’s face (the prostitute). Instead of the sheriff, Little Bill Dagett, arresting the cowboys, he lets them go. The victim’s best friend, Strawberry Alice, becomes outraged. Delilah, Alice and the other girls offer a $1000 bounty for anyone who kills the cowboys. This film turns out to be a revenge of whores against the villains (Unforgiven).
A group of men set out to collect the bounty, prompted by various economic necessities to kill the cowboys (villains). Among the hunters set to kill the villains is Bill Munny who is a widower. Munny is still striving to live down his career as a man who used to murder women and children with the gun for the sake of it. When a young individual, Schofield Kid, asks Munny if he can join him, Munny refuses, but then changes his mind again. Later Neg Logan joins them in their journey for the hunt of the villains. English Bob is also another individual who joins them in the pursuit for the villains (Unforgiven). Bob is also a former outlaw who sets up to hunt for the bounty. One of the scariest parts of the film is when the bounty hunters meet and Munny accepts beatings. The film is full of violence and vulgar language whereby the bounty hunters are as violent as the villains.
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