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Congressional debates over budgets - Essay Example

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It is true that during the presidential election of 2012, instead of passing a proper budget to plan ahead for the coming year; they gave themselves an extension. This made many in politics believe that the government was behaving tremendously irresponsibility. It has been…
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Congressional debates over budgets
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Extract of sample "Congressional debates over budgets"

Due American Government: Assignment 2 It is true that during the presidential election of instead of passing a proper budget to plan ahead for the coming year; they gave themselves an extension. This made many in politics believe that the government was behaving tremendously irresponsibility. It has been suggested that if the government cannot agree upon, pass, and then work to implement a new budget, which is one of the basic functions, requirements, and expectations of their positions, then what hope have they of salvaging the country of its economic struggles. That said the government has not successfully passed a budget since April of 2009 (Corker). Many Americans are beginning to get weary with the inability of Democratic and Republican parties to agree upon anything. It has gotten to a point where it is becoming astoundingly obvious that the two sides are determined to disagree with each other on purpose. This, of course, results in nothing getting done and little being accomplished.
Unfortunately it can be rather difficult to really get a straight answer from political circles. The Republicans blame the Democrats who are intentionally “shooting down” their attempts at passing a budget. In fact, the Republican-Controlled House in 2011-2012 did submit a potential budget; however, because both houses must submit versions and the work to compromise to reach a final product. The Democratic-controlled Senate did not follow through with their part of the process, which meant another spring without a proper budget for the American government (Bremmer). There are many voices in Washington saying that a budget is not necessary, regardless of the fact that the Senate is legally obligated to produce one; however, failure to comply with that law, apparently, carries no legal consequences (Weiner 1). In the end, without a working budget the government keeps granting itself reprieves and extensions that do nothing to solve the problems in this country. It is tremendously irresponsible and short-sighted to believe that the country can continue to spend when it sees fit when no budgeting has been put in place. It is a very bad idea and will no doubt continue to contribute to further problems in this country.
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Congressional Debates over Budgets Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 Words.
“Congressional Debates over Budgets Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 Words”, n.d.
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