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He explained that is entirely unethical and, basically, unfair that Britain would add greater tax to items that they will not…
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Letters from a Farmer in Pennsylvania (1767-68)
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Extract of sample "Letters from a Farmer in Pennsylvania (1767-68)"

Due Letters from a Farmer in Pennsylvania (1767-68 Why did Dickinson believe the Townshend duties to be unconstitutional?
Essentially Dickinson attempts to make a common sense argument to explain how obvious it should be that the Townshend duties to be unconstitutional. He explained that is entirely unethical and, basically, unfair that Britain would add greater tax to items that they will not allow the colonists to gain from any other source. More so, he felt it was blatantly unconstitutional to tax these items solely for the purpose of obtaining revenue.
2. How does he argue that the taxes on certain enumerated goods such as glass and paper were particularly pernicious? In forming his argument, does he condemn the actor (Parliament) as well as the act?
Again, products, like glass and paper, are those items that are highly needed and are essentially only obtainable from their mother country. Yet, without these basic items they cannot be productive and accomplish their needs. In essence making the colonists a slave to whatever cost or tax Britain may levy on the colonies. He speaks of parliament as if they as a whole may a wrong decision, but phrases it in a respectful and diplomatic way.
3. Why did he, an author who was trying to persuade people to exert themselves vigorously against encroachments on their liberty, condemn those who more violently stirred up the populace?
Dickinson spoke out about how important and necessary it was for the people to stand up for their rights and liberties, but did not necessarily make any calls to violence. He believed that the relationship between the colonists and Britain should have been like a parent and child. The power needs the love and support of the parent, but may also fight against that parent as it grows and seeks to “mature.” However, these disagreements should not be possible to work out and should never result in the kind of war and violence, actions that could cause a permanent rift between the parent and child.
4. Why did he want protest to be reasonable and limited? Was that a reasonable desire?
Again, as stated above, Dickinson wanted the relationship between Britain and the colonies to be like that between parent and child. He was never really endorsing the kind of “rebellion” or efforts of protest that may occur in the colonies should be the sort that is handled in a way that would not cause actions that would sever forever the relationship with their mother country. This vision was considered to be his reasonable interpretation and the beginnings of a diplomatic rebellion that could be resolved with little need for violence and warfare. Read More
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