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Political and Geography - Research Paper Example

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The United Nations has attained several international achievements and has faced numerous problems and challenges (Basu 45). Foremost, the United Nations has been instrumental in preventing…
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Political and Geography
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"Political and Geography"

Download file to see previous pages The United Nations actively promotes global peace and non-proliferation of nuclear weapons (Basu 10). The Body has negotiated peaceful settlements that have ended numerous regional conflicts. This is evidenced by the border demarcations especially in Serbia, Yugoslavia and numerous Asian countries (Basu 68). The body has safeguarded human rights through several declarations and covenants that aim at ensuring protection of universal human rights. In this regard, the Human rights Commission advocates for the rights of women, children, minorities, immigrants and refugees (Basu 99). United Nation bodies, institutions, and agencies such as Economic and Social Council, World Health Organization, and United National Development Program have facilitated economic and social development of the member countries. Financial entities under the UN have facilitated international trade, foreign direct investments and transfer of technology among various countries in the world. United Nations has facilitated several peace keeping missions in African countries such as Burundi, Eritrea and Congo with the aim of ensuring peace (Basu 123).
On the other hand, United Nations has suffered several criticisms and challenges. The body has encountered the problem of poor funding and control by the developed nations (Basu 221). The body is accused of being undemocratic since its has not taken actions against Israel which has continued taking unilateral actions against the neighboring countries. Accordingly, the body has lost credibility among African nations (Basu 228). The dependence on industrialized countries for financial support has hindered impartial decision-making of the United Nations Security Council. The Body failed in resolving the Cuban missiles, Iraq nuclear issue and terrorism issues. The Body is accused of failing to implement consensus in policies of dealing with climate change since industrialized countries are the highest carbon emitting nations (Basu ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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