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Egyptian architecture or Architecture of Ancient Egypt is regarded as one of the most important and influencing architectures of ancient world which has remained enigma and subject of great inspiration in the history of art and architecture till date. The architecture of the…
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Egyptian architecture
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Egyptian Architecture Table of Contents Introduction 3 Characteristics of the Egyptian Architecture 3 Conclusion 3 Works Cited 4 Introduction Egyptian architecture or Architecture of Ancient Egypt is regarded as one of the most important and influencing architectures of ancient world which has remained enigma and subject of great inspiration in the history of art and architecture till date. The architecture of the period was so massive and had such diverse features to display that great monumental structures along the river Nile, especially the Great Pyramid of Giza and the Great Sphinx of Giza still amaze the architectural engineers and experts of recent times (Tour Egypt, “The Giza Plateau in Egypt”).
A deep delineation and an in-depth analysis of the structural study of the great pyramids, monuments, temples and tombs remaining along with little domestic structure shall focus considerable light on the pertinent characteristics inherent in the Egyptian architecture.
Characteristics of the Egyptian Architecture
The most potent characteristics of the Egyptian architecture were its consistent nature. With very little scope of variation or alteration, the set designs and forms were repeated in the designs of almost all the periods. As regards to the building materials of the structure, one can notice the use of sun-baked mud bricks and use of plenty of stones specially sandstone, granites and limestone in all the architectures. This was because of scanty availability of wood.
The architecture comprises symmetry; walls are generally thick and are generally not broken due to fenestration. The use of rectangular shapes is very prominent in the form of architecture and the walls are highlighted with colorful decorations upholding walls and columns. The visual metaphors are very strong displaying hierarchy and power game prevalent in the society. Motifs of the Egyptian architectural detail comprise Egyptian ornaments of spiral, papyrus and circles. Tomb structures are very common in the Egyptian architecture and the cut temples where various religious ceremonies and rituals were held is their traditional form of building structures commonly found (Arnold 2-203).
Egyptians had generally constructed three types of tombs. Among them, Mastabas or the funerary mounds and the Pyramids constructed during the initial period of the 4th dynasty are the iconic symbol of Egypt captivating within them the mummies of the great kings symbolizing eternal power and divinity (Harwood, May and Sherman 1-210).
There is no end to the study of the architecture of Egypt, like the mummy of the Tutankhamen or the pyramids, their motif, structure and most importantly use of science and comprehension of geometry at that time would remain an issue of amazement, enigma and surprise.

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