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1. Discuss the significance of Valley Forge - Essay Example

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The persistent revolutionary activities sought to transform the social, economic, and political setting of America. In the process, Valley Forge would emerge as a critical factor in the success…
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1. Discuss the significance of Valley Forge
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Extract of sample "1. Discuss the significance of Valley Forge"

Valley Forge during the American Revolution The American Revolution marked a turning point in the lives of the American people. The persistent revolutionary activities sought to transform the social, economic, and political setting of America. In the process, Valley Forge would emerge as a critical factor in the success of the American Revolution. Valley Forge housed the continental army for several months before they actively broke North America off the British Empire1.
Troops led by General Washington spent months in the valley. Their key focus was to fight for American liberty in the period succeeding independence. Conditions in the Valley Forge were poor and inhumane. Many men suffered hunger, cold, and diseases, and eventually many of them died2.
Amid the underlying challenges in the valley, the troops, under the command of General Washington, stayed committed to their goal. It is this persistence and resilience that would eventually make the American Revolution a dream-come-true. The course of liberty remained true and alive in their hearts. The continental army’s immense suffering in the Valley Forge kept them expectant that things would get better.
Against all odds, Valley Forge provided the troops with an opportunity to train, reorganize, and get ready to face the British. The army had eventually secured help and support that allowed it to embark to the revolutionary pursuit. In this respect, Valley Forge was a defining factor of the course that American Revolution would take after June, 1778. Essentially, Valley Forge had taught the troops that what awaited them was not a walk in the park.
In conclusion, the success of the American Revolution was partially attributed to Valley Forge. Even though troops had suffered and died in the valley, the dream of a liberal America remained alive. North American break off the British Empire received a vital boost from the mature army that emerged from Valley Forge. Suffering, sacrifice, freedom, and liberty characterized the Valley Forge troop activity in the light of the American Revolution3.
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