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Woodrow Wilson came as a reformist to the field of public administration and he gave a new dimension to the incumbent domain by introducing concepts and reforms that would enable performing the tasks better in the field of public administration. His efforts were based on the…
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Political science final exam and 3 quizes
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Download file to see previous pages Woodrow Wilson was associated with teaching profession for earlier part of his career, and till the early days of his 30s, he had not achieved anything substantial and for this matter he at one time said that even at age of 31, I have achieved nothing, however he had the insight and vision to become one of the best in the field of public administration and he devoted his efforts and energies towards this field and profession that would become corner stone of public administration principles all over the world.
3.Based on the Woodrow Wilson case on pages 26-27, what similarity exists between former President Woodrow Wilson and current President Barack Obama as it relates to both men’s early writings and their stature in the field of academia? Were their writings prominently received?
Both the leaders, the present President Barack Obama and the then president Woodrow Wilson were associated with the academic profession, made their way through continuous struggle and hard work rose up to the rank of being the guiders of the nation in longer run. Both had a similarity amongst them in the context of aiming to bring about change, while Woodrow Wilson resolved to bring about change via public administration and governance model, President Barack Obama followed the same pursuit without clearly naming the domain of public administration. Their affiliation to the field of academia enabled them advocating a point towards improvement in the present setup of governmental activities.
Both the leaders found their writing as a foundation towards what would be the stepping stone in longer run. Through their writings, they convinced the people, proved their skills and potential, although at first , both were limited to smaller domain, yet with time both found good ground based on their earlier writings and affiliation to the field of academic science and research. Hence it was ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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