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Vietnam: Why The Geneva Accords Failed To Sustain Peace In Indochina - Research Paper Example

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A paper "Vietnam: Why The Geneva Accords Failed To Sustain Peace In Indochina" claims that a declaration was produced by the conference on April 27, 1954, which agreed upon the stop of violence and the introduction of foreign involvement in Indochina’s internal affairs…
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Vietnam: Why The Geneva Accords Failed To Sustain Peace In Indochina
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Extract of sample "Vietnam: Why The Geneva Accords Failed To Sustain Peace In Indochina"

Download file to see previous pages An international control commission which was to consist of India, Canada, and Poland was set to oversee the implementation of the Geneva accord although it was unable to ensure compliance. The agreement was among many countries including the United States which even though acknowledged the agreement existed, refused to sign it to avoid being legally bound by it. This agreement divided Vietnam into two, north and south.The northern zone was to be governed by the Viet Minh while the southern zone was to be governed by the state of Vietnam. The British chairman issued a “Conference Final Declaration” which stated that a “general election” was to be held by July 1956 so as to build a unified Vietnamese state. However, this document was not accepted by the delegates of both the united states and South Vietnam. This resulted in South Vietnam being viewed as an American puppet by many communist sympathizers while North Vietnam was viewed as a Communist International puppet. After the hostility ended, a large group of Catholic North Vietnamese moved to the south during operation passage to freedom while others from the south moved to the north. Backed by the United States, the prime minister of Vietnam Ngo Dinh Diem asserted his power in the south. His brother helped him rig the referendum which helped him gain 98% of the vote. However, Diem refused to hold the national elections citing that the state of Vietnam refused to sign the Geneva accords and went about trying to crush the communist opposition. Both sides violated the provisions of the accord by engaging in military buildups. The United States military advisors supported the army of the Vietnam republic while the guerrilla activity in the south escalated. National Liberation Front popularly known as Vietcong was created by Ho Chi Minh due to the failure of reunification (Anderson, 2005, 50). They were closely helped by the North Vietnamese army. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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