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The author of this essay under the title "Vietnam and the Twentieth Century Experience" comments on the events of Vietnamese history. According to the text, in the 19th century, Vietnam was an integral part of the colony of France called French Indochina. …
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Vietnam and the Twentieth Century Experience
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Extract of sample "Vietnam and the Twentieth Century Experience"

Vietnam and the Twentieth Century Experience
In 19th century, Vietnam was an integral part of the colony of France called French Indochina. The subjugation process took so long and even for decades but the whole process of French control was completed in 1893. For historians, this event could be generally appreciated or understood in great detail if the Viet people’s experiences will be taken into account.
In this essay, the proponent discusses the importance of studying the experiences of Vietnamese in the course of their history with colonial France in the 19th century for the purpose of understanding what they valued the most. The proponent also discusses the resources that could be helpful to students of history particularly in understanding Vietnam’s culture and history.
In particular, the proponent discusses the case of Vietnamese students in France during and after the colonial role of the French government in Vietnam, and their specific stand on nationalism that could mirror the Vietnamese culture or entire history.
The issue of Vietnamese nationalism
Student migration in France during and after the colonial role of French government in Vietnam was a significant source of information that could elaborately discuss the issue regarding Vietnamese nationalism (McConnell 1989). Vietnamese students at this very moment in time had learned to communicate using French into newspapers, leaflets and even to letters they sent at home. Most of these students learned to express themselves in French language especially on various political ideas.
Significantly, a historian having no sufficient background on Vietnamese culture or history would be able to document some substantial information that could elaborately discuss the political stand of Vietnamese students using some sources that could evidently express a very essential link with the actual event in Vietnam and its culture and history. In this manner, even though the ideas had not been directly gathered in Vietnam, but the Vietnamese students in France and their specific political stand on some certain issues would specifically pave the way for understanding the actual event happening in their country and their political stand. Furthermore, their specific opinion or stand on certain issue could be actually gathered through understanding their experiences which could be collected from existing articles or communication they had written. In this, the historians would have sufficient background or bases to conclude on certain concerns with specific level of information, by understanding the core issues that at some point could be generated from a group of people belonging to a certain population under study.
In great detail, the above discussion only proves that history could be substantially learned in great detail by understanding people’s experiences. The case of Vietnamese students who migrated in France during and after the French colonial rule in Vietnam was a depiction of how a specific group of people with certain experiences could actually represent the entire population’s stand on certain issues, culture and history. In the above example, the bottom line was actually the integration of Vietnamese students’ experiences and understanding their political stand on the current event in the making of their history, which specifically at some point would also pave the way for knowing some important issues on Vietnam’s culture and history. The evidences on the other hand could only be retrieved by collecting some written communications as important resources that were associated with the subjects involved.
McConnell, S. (1989). Leftward journey: the education of Vietnamese students in France, 1919-1939. Brunswick, NJ: Transaction Publishers. Read More
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