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Martin Marty, an American religious scholar, in his book Martin Luther expeditiously describes the life of Martin Luther as one of the most renowned, influential, revered global figure. He allots subtitles to summarize some of the key events in the life of Martin Luther (Marty…
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Book review guidelines for MARTIN LUTHER BY MARTIN MARTY
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Download file to see previous pages Luther had been born and raised up to fear God in a tremendous way. Then, Jesus was depicted as a ruthless judge to sinners, who would punish sinners with total wrath. Martin describes that Luther monastic life started from an incident of fear of this wrath causing him to deviate from his father’s wishes of doing law. While Luther traveled to Rome to represent his monastery, he partook what Martin describes as spiritual enlighten (Marty 37). He wondered how he could love and worship God while he feared him enormously. Luther was in a dilemma of seeking “the gracious Lord” and practicing contrition.
Luther did not approve of the way the Roman church used the name of God to extort religious offering from its congregation through the sale of indulgences. The church wittingly promised to alleviate the penalty of sin if one purchased the indulgences as their way of trying to conjure up money to build the St. Peters Basilica. To contest this, Luther stoked up discussions and conversations in the University of Wittenberg. In Defining life of faith, Martin expounds on the events of the 95 theses, the diet of worms and the peasants war. Following the ”abuse”, according to Luther, by Tetzel and the popes fraternity in the sale of indulgences, Luther daringly resolved to hang the famous 95 theses to the door of the castle church and initiated a heated debate from scholars (Marty 64). The Pope was unimpressed and Luther was summoned. Luther was demanded to recant his words but he defied. He was excommunicated and spent the following years writing and teaching. Martin picks up Luther’s thinking unfolding his thinking about the Mass in his three treatises addressed to the Christian Nobility of the German Nation, The Babylonian Captivity of the church, and the freedom of Christian.
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