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Compares the significance of the dominant conservative parties and their opponents on the left (and in the center, as in the case of the DPJ) in France and Japan - Essay Example

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Both countries have heard resistance from the US economically and politically influencing their leadership. The two countries have also suffered from huge blows economically. In France, the country has heard unrests…
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Compares the significance of the dominant conservative parties and their opponents on the left (and in the center, as in the case of the DPJ) in France and Japan
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Extract of sample "Compares the significance of the dominant conservative parties and their opponents on the left (and in the center, as in the case of the DPJ) in France and Japan"

Download file to see previous pages Due to this unity, the Japan Democratic Party won the next elections, held this power for over almost five decades, but lost the power in 1993. The party strategies came from its strong ties with the United Nation and the USSR. However, Criminal Intelligence Agency in US was not happy with the Socialist and the Communist party and therefore spent millions of dollars influencing Japans elections in the favor of the Liberal Democratic Party.
Many analysts argue that the influence was due to the second world war that really affected the Japanese hence the CIA were worried of their counter reaction. The influence of the US CIA was a deep kept secret and was only revealed later in the 1990 thanks to The New York Times. In the 1960’s LDP managed to host 1964 Olympics and neutralize the Vietnam War (Fackler, Osaka Mayors Radical Message Has Broad Appeal in a Weary Japan). Their success continued as the Party managed to improve the country’s economy. However, the Party did not have it smooth all the way. The Party encountered resistance from the Socialist Party and Japan Community party.
LDP also encountered many scandals including some of young members breaking away from the government and joining their opponents. Despite this, the government managed to consolidate and move forward. The Party made policies from all specters of the economy that managed to hold the party into leadership until 1993 when it lost. The party lost due to lack of power to influence voters in addition to many scandals in the government. Despite the loss the LDP was able to gunner its power back and after three years it was back to leadership. In 1998, Democratic Party of Japan was formed. The party challenged LDP mostly in 2003 and 2004 in parliamentary elections (Sieg).
France political interest began hundreds of year ago with philosophers such as Locke challenging the government in its governance role. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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