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Chapter 10 and 11 of People's History of US: (1492 - Present) (Modern Classic) Author: Zinn - Book Report/Review Example

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Zinn (75) writes one of the articles in the People’s History Journal, which aims at enlightening different historians and other stakeholders within and outside the United States on the perspective of those whose plights have been to a larger extent omitted from most histories…
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Chapter 10 and 11 of book Peoples History of US: (1492 - Present) (Modern Classic) Author: Zinn
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Extract of sample "Chapter 10 and 11 of People's History of US: (1492 - Present) (Modern Classic) Author: Zinn"

People’s history of US at Present Modern ic by Zinn Zinn (75) writes one of the articles in the People’s History Journal, which aims at enlightening different historians and other stakeholders within and outside the United States on the perspective of those whose plights have been to a larger extent omitted from most histories. In most cases, People’s History Journal is equipped with vivid details and telling quotations with winning classics has continued to transform the way American history is remembered. With frequent appearances in popular media, the Americans have testified to believe in Zinn’s ability to bridge the nation into birth, development and destiny.
In both the interview, we see Congressman, a land commission Raul Grijalva being interviewed in the program “I have something to say”. Grijalva agrees with Zinn about the Obama administration of American (Congressman Raul Grijalva…). He declares that there are no boycotts or challenges with the Obama administration and Mexico. He adds that there has been resource help, development help and immigration help which ensure cohesive existence among the people (Congressman Raul Grijalva…).
On the other hand especially in the second interview, Grijalva greatly disagrees with Zinn concern certain contemporary issues with the Obama administration. As contrary held by Zinn, Grijalva confesses during the interview that he has had great disappointed with the Obama administration (Grijalva discusses threats…). He says that the government has not played its role in addressing citizen problems. There has been no job creation, people have been dying at the border as well as the immigration services being poor (Grijalva discusses threats…).
Zinn (59) asserts that in chapter 10 and 11, the disagreements of Grijalva are still confirmed further. Zinn (79) adds that the author describe the abuse of government power by corporations and the effort of workers to resist the abuse. America experienced rapid industrial revolution with corporation of banks which transformed the nation into an institution dominant nation. This later initiated corruption both in industry and government (Archibold & Jennifer, 451). There have been movements of individuals to oppose corruption such as the Knights of Labor.
Works cited
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Congressman Raul Grijalva Declares No Boycott-Challenges Obama and Mexico-The Nonprofit Network. 15 minutes. Web. 6 March, 2013 Grijalva discusses threats, critize Gulf cleanup, war in Irag and Afghanistan. 15 minutes. Web. 6 March, 2013 Zinn, Howard. A people’s history of the United States: 1492 to present. New York, NY: HarperCollins, 2010. Print. Read More
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Chapter 10 and 11 of book People's History of US: (1492 - Present) Report/Review. Retrieved from
(Chapter 10 and 11 of Book People'S History of US: (1492 - Present) Report/Review)
Chapter 10 and 11 of Book People'S History of US: (1492 - Present) Report/Review.
“Chapter 10 and 11 of Book People'S History of US: (1492 - Present) Report/Review”, n.d.
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