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General Franco remains one of the most intriguing historical figures in the Spanish history. He is known to have led the authoritarian regime, which resumed power after the civil war.1 This essay will explore the military…
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The Franco Regime
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The Franco Regime A research essay proposal for: The Franco Regime This research essay proposal is about the Franco regime. General Franco remains one of the most intriguing historical figures in the Spanish history. He is known to have led the authoritarian regime, which resumed power after the civil war.1 This essay will explore the military career of General Franco having been a generalissimo of the army, being a chief of state and heading the government.2 The essay will explore the effects of his personality and how he ruled Spain.3 This essay will explore his retention of power, and how he dismissed most ministers and most decision makers during his reign.4 The essay will discuss the involvement of General Franco in policy making, 5 and some of the political structures that were established under his rule, for example, not formulating a constitutional system.6
To do this, the historical psychological analyses that have been written on General Franco will be examined. General studies concerning his reign will be examined, together with primary source documents giving an insight concerning the reign of general Franco. A number of secondary sources applicable to this topic have been found, and scholarly articles exploring that topic have also been found. Books including the biographical details of General Franco, for example, his life and career will be used for reference. Some of these sources are available in electronic or paper form and are as listed.
Bowen, Wayne H. (2007). A Military History of Modern Spain. Greenwood Publishing Group. pp. 114.
Blinkhorn, Martin (1988). Democracy and civil war in Spain 1931–1939. Routledge.
De Menses, Filipe R.: Franco and the Spanish Civil War, p. 87, Routledge.
Gilmour, David, (1987). The Transformation of Spain: From Franco to the Constitutional Monarchy, p. Quartet Books.
Payne, Stanley G. (2011). The Franco Regime, 1936-1975. University of Wisconsin Pres. pp. 67.
Preston, Paul (1994). Franco: A Biography. Basic Books. Read More
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