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Through his Older Americans Act Amendments of 2006, he championed for more funding of the American welfare services to senior citizens. He is a great believer in Medicare and…
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Meet Your Rep - Columbus, Ohio
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Meet Your Rep - Columbus, Ohio Pat Tiberi is a great believer in that older people should receive welfare services from government.Through his Older Americans Act Amendments of 2006, he championed for more funding of the American welfare services to senior citizens. He is a great believer in Medicare and believes that the healthcare act that was brought about by the Obama administration and dabbed Obamacre should be repealed because it interferes with the proper delivery of healthcare to students. Pat has been very passionate about providing welfare services to the old people and believes that they should receive good healthcare funded by the government. As the representative for Ohio, he believes that proper delivery of education to the public is the way to deliver sustainable development. Pat Tiberi is a son of Italian immigrants and this means that his background is economically humble. According to his website, he and his siblings attended public school and this has created a passion for proper public education. However, even though he has these ideas, implementing such ideas is made harder because of the structure of the government, where the president’s office is the one that creates budget estimates and also indirectly controls the funding methods (GAO, 2012).
Pat is a partisan politician and this may reflect in the way he looks at issues. Coming from a middleclass background may mean that he depends on sponsors for his political campaigns and this may also affect the way he represents the people. Campaign money from sponsors may mean that he is subject to manipulation by the sponsors and this may mean that he is not well focused or that he may support political causes just to satisfy the sponsors. This can be seen in his disagreement with the Obamacare health plan and support for Medicare even though years of history suggest that Medicare was not working to provide good healthcare to the people of the United States of America.
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