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The Epic of Gilgamesh - Essay Example

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The present essay entitled "The Epic of Gilgamesh" dwells on the myths of Mesopotamia. As the author puts it, the Epic of Gilgamesh seems a plain legend, however, is a high-valued paper that lifts the veil on much essential information concerning social and political development…
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The Epic of Gilgamesh
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The Epic of Gilgamesh

Download file to see previous pages... Different phenomena of our world not only attracted their attention but needed explanations. Their views were at the stage of developing, the explanations were not definite and many things were still explained by the existence of different gods. It is clear from the legend that the main goal of these people was to kill somebody and to conquer some territory (Dalley 34).
The role of a woman is also represented vaguely. The attitudes towards women in the legend are very different. We can see that the positive and respectful attitude is represented mostly towards goddesses. Ishtar is one of them, she was the goddess of richness, love, and battle. Ishtar is represented in a great number of myths and legends and in every myth she has a different mission. Ishtar is usually portrayed as a strong, egoistic and proud woman. In the Epic of Gilgamesh, she represented as an enemy of the main hero. She is very ambitious in the Epic of Gilgamesh and it is not possible to define if she is positive or negative heroin. The readers can be shocked by her cruelness when she decides to kill Gilgamesh after he rejects her. The main goal of this woman is to satisfy her ambitions. This testifies that the people of that time saw women as strong, cruel and ambitions creatures (Dalley 56). They gave these features to a goddess and that means that in their opinion such characteristics should have belonged to ideal women. Ishtar is also very sensual; she can’t and is not going to overcome her feeling to Gilgamesh, she demands an immediate satisfaction of her passion: “Come, Gilgamesh, be my lover! Give me the taste of your body. Would that you were my husband, and I was your wife! Id order harnessed for you a chariot of lapis lazuli and gold, its wheels of gold and its horns of precious amber. You will drive storm demons--powerful mules! Enter our House, into the sweet scent of cedarwood” (Tablet 6, col. I). ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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The Epic of Gilgamesh
It shows these topics were as relevant in those times as they are still today, as people continue to seek the elixir of life that will not only guarantee a long life but a long and youthful life, a search for the fountain of youth, which somehow also illustrates the sheer vanity of Man.
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The Epic of Gilgamesh
He was the son of a goddess and this is one aspect that is thoroughly highlighted upon here. This classic piece manifests a number of different strengths, all of which are linked with love, feelings of brotherhood and relationships amongst friends. Indeed Gilgamesh is a classic piece of Middle Eastern culture and one which was written in cuneiform with the assistance of 12 clay tablets in 2000 BC.
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Mesopotamians Polytheism and The Epic of Gilgamesh
Although the leaders organized their armies for war, success in their battles depended on a good relationship with the gods. Mesopotamian city states were earthly imitations of divine order and model. Every city state was linked to a god or a goddess making it sacred.
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Epic of Gilgamesh

The author states that the hero in Gilgamesh, as in other related epics, is portrayed as having the best of qualities that any man can aspire. The element of beauty, strength, and wisdom are stretched in ways that project the hero above the normal character of a human. Gilgamesh is described as exceedingly beautiful and mighty.

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The Epic of Gilgamesh
It is believed to have been written around 2750 to 2500 BC and survived despite the absence of the any printing press (Jackson, xvi). Till date, there have been various translations and versions of the book that try to introduce the book into popular culture.
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The Epic of Gilgamesh
The Epic of Gilgamesh is considered the oldest story recorded in humanity; it narrates the adventure of King Gilgamesh of Uruk and his friend Enkidu. After his friend's death, punished by the gods, Gilgamesh scared and concerned about his own mortality, begins a second journey alone in search of Utanapishtim, The Faraway.
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The Epic Of Gilgamesh
It narrates the life of historical King of Uruk in Mesopotmaia who is lauded as godly in appearance: “Two-thirds of him is god, one-third of him is human” and that “The Great Goddess…prepared his form”. (Kovacs, Tablet I)
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The Epic of Gilgamesh and Euripides Medea

According to the research findings, it can, therefore, be said that both literary works have themes that illustrate the involvement of gods in the life of humans. The subject matter in both stories differs as the Epic of Gilgamesh expresses the exploits of a King who is in a position of power and highly regarded by all his subjects.

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The Epic of Gilgamesh
Kings were supposed to play a central role in the development of the society through their military leadership, performance of priestly functions, acting as lawgivers and building the city
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The Epic of Gilgamesh as a Quest
Foster presents the common structure for a quest and describes each of its components. There are five elements such as a quester, a place to go, challenges, a stated reason, and a real reason to go. Analyzing one of the oldest epic poems (The Epic of Gilgamesh) it is evident that it is a quest by all the five elements distinguished by Foster.
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